X10 Home Automation System: ActiveHome Pro Computer Software & USB Computer Interface w/ USB Cable

ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Software and USB Computer Interface
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With the ActiveHome Professional Home Automation Software and USB Computer Interface, it's never been more easy or affordable to create a home automation system that works for you! X10's ActiveHome Pro allows you to remotely control and automate household lights and appliances inside and out providing safety, convenience and fun! Never come home to a dark house again!

With the ActiveHome Pro Software, you can automate your X10 equipment to:
  • Give a warm welcome home every night!
  • Provide Security while you're away with a realistic lived-in look!
  • Lower energy bills with schedules for lighting and appliances!

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ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Computer Interface and USB Cable
ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Software
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ActiveHome Pro

What Exactly Can You Do?

Working with X10 products, X10's ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Software gives you complete control! With it's new and easy interface, you can easily program and schedule lights and appliances to turn off and on in your home.

X10's ActiveHome Professional Home Automation Software features:

  • USB Computer Interface: It's faster and more compatible!
  • Huge memory stores more commands, timers and macros!
  • Built-in whole-house RF Transceiver that replaces up to 16 old transceivers!
  • Fast macro response from remote controls!
  • Fun & Easy to use while looking great on your desktop!
  • Easy macro Builder! Drag and drop features make triggering multiple commands a snap!

ONLY $49.99!!

Home AutomationNever Enter A Dark House Again
We've all come home late at night to a dark house. Is someone hiding in the shadows? Before you step out of your car, use ActiveHome Pro to illuminate your uard, porch and inside lights, ensuring a safe place. ActiveHome Pro can even turn lights off for you a few minutes after you've gone inside.
Home AutomationRelax on Your Vacations! Know Your Home Looks Occupied!
Why leave a home dark and deserted when you're on vacation? ActiveHome Pro can ensure a fun and worry free vacation by turning lights on and off at different times, making your house look occupied.

Set the Mood . . .
Create the perfect mood for a romantic evening with the simple push of a button. Just one touch can dim the lights, turn on soft music, start the indoor fountain or aroma lamp. With your imagination and ActiveHome Pro, the possibilities are endless.
Home AutomationThe Heart, Soul & Brains of Your Home - The USB Computer Interface
No longer will you need a separate transceiver for every house code! The X10 ActiveHome Pro USB Computer Interface will send and receive ALL 256 house/unit codes and even take the place of the PC Transceiver (CM19A) for controlling X10 Cameras.

With the X10 ActiveHome Pro USB Computer Interface, you'll also find loads of memory for storing timers and timers and connecting to today's PCs is a snap! But that's just the beginning. X10's ActiveHome Pro USB Computer Interface is ready for future enhancements as well. This tiny, white box will have you monitoring your home surveillance cameras, controlling your home via the web, and more!

Built in memory and a battery backup inside the USB Computer interface allows timers to operate with your computer turned off. Now that's powerful!

Software that's easy to use!
No pr
ogramming degree required! With the X10 ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Software, anyone who can point and click will be able to look like a home automation genius! ActiveHome Prop looks like other Windows XP software and works with Drag-And-Drop simplicity.
Modules are organized by rooms!
Light switches look like light switches!
Timers are set with Drop-Down Menus!
Macros & Events are built with Drag-And-Drop Ease!
It's colorful and customizable!

Modules are Organized by Rooms
See all the devices in each room and easily organize and schedule your events. The All Rooms feature allows you to see every module in your entire home.

Home Automation

Lifestyle Mode Learns Your Routines
Just turn on the Lifestyle Mode and ActiveHome Pro will watch what you do around the house, recording when you turn lights on or off. Then after 24 hours, it will start repeating that last day's activity. If you turn off the porch light at 8AM today, ActiveHome Pro will do it for you tomorrow at the same time. If you change your routine ActiveHome Pro will change with you automatically.

Light Switches Look Like Light Switches
Colorful graphics help you organize and schedule your events with ease!

Home Automation

Macros & Events are Built with Drag-And-Drop Ease
Macros are powerful mini-routines that you customize to do powerful tasks. If you want one button to perform multiple tasks, then you'll love the Macro Designer in ActiveHome Pro.

Home Automation

Here are some tasks you can automate with a macro in your home:

  • End fumbling for your keys in the dark. Press the button on a keychain remote while still in your car and watch a path of light from the car to the sidewalk to the porch and inside your home. Then be amazed as they turn off minutes after you pass.

  • Kids scared of the dark? Set them up with a small wireless wall switch near their bed. When they press the button, selected lights can come on in their room and automatically turn off after 15 minutes when they're back to sleep. Use another button on the remote control to turn on hallway and bathroom lights.

  • Your moods change - So can the lighting! Synchronize table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights and wall sconces to create different moods in a room and for different occasions like when you're entertaining.


Home Automation

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Join the Home Automation Revolution! The ActiveHome Pro 9-Piece Ultimate System will you started on your home automation adventure. You'll get everything you need to put ActiveHome Pro to work for you right away! Take charge of your home like never before!

At this fantastic price - ONLY $99.99 - you get everything you need to set up a complete home automation system. Included are a variety of remotes from the tiny keychain remote you can keep in your pocket to the high tech Slimline Wireless Wall Switch, and the popular PalmPad wireless remote that puts you in charge of your lighting as well as your X10 devices - all from one remote! Also included are additional X10 modules to control two lamps and an appliance, such as a radio or fan. On top of it all, you get an stealth EagleEye motion sensor, giving you motion-activated control from anywhere inside your home.

Everything You Need is Included: List Price
ActiveHome Pro Home Automation Computer Software with USB Computer Interface & USB Cable $99.99
Lamp Module $12.99
Screw-in Lamp Module $19.99
Keychain Remote $19.99
Appliance Module $13.99
Wireless Switch $19.99
PalmPad Remote $19.99
Motion Sensor $24.99
Sold Separately: $231.92
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