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In todays computing world, we use our PC's for just about everything. For the most part, if you visit legitimate sites, do not open e-mail attachments that are from unknown senders you probably will not encounter the inconvenience of a computer virus. Sometimes even with the most careful browsing, one of the ugly pests could find their way to your computer. For this reason, running a good anti-virus on your machine is a must. There are a number of choices out there. Some are free while others charge an annual renewal fee. For the free version I recommend AVG anti-virus. If you want premium protection, my favorite choice is Total Defense. This solution uses very little system resources and picks up virtually all viruses in ther wild. See the links below.
AVG Free Anti-Virus An excellent FREE program that iis extremly effective at protecting your computer from hamful viruses..This protection uses very little machine resources so you will not see a huge slowdown like you might find with some of the top name competitors. If you want premium protection, you can always get one of the pay versions which are excellent choices.
Total Defense Security Suite Out of all the security products that I have tried, the solution from Computer associates is by far the best. It catches every virus that the net can throw at you from browsing, to e-mail and it even protects you with an Outlook plug in. You even get a 2GB flash drive you can re-use. Check it out today.
Avast Free Anti-Virus  Avast Home Edition is an excellent choice for a free anti-virus solution. This product is for home users only and requires a free registration. This product seems to catch many viruses that others have left behind!
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Panda Cloud Free Antivirus  Panda Cloud takes antivirus to a whole new level. No more updates to download. Panda keeps all the updates on the "cloud" to insure you always have the latest definitions almost in real time.