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Computer repair jobs


Computer repair is a growing industry, especially with the number of businesses and home users that need help with their computers. Since viruses are all over the internet and not everyone knows how to protect their computer or to remove the viruses from their computer, it has opened up the world to a bunch of new computer repair jobs. From online PC repair jobs to computer repair jobs where you work in the office, you can make anywhere from $10 an hour on up to $100 an hour. It will depend on your skill level along with the type of viruses or computer repair you are dealing with.


Several companies are on the lookout for new graduates to offer PC help. They often need them to help with the implementation of computer networks but will also use their services to help upgrade their older equipment and to implement new systems into the company. Testing and installing networks is the job that tends to be the most popular in the IT field right now but the field of diagnosing and fixing hardware problems is also continuing to grow in popularity.


Individuals that are seeking computer repair jobs must first love computers and need to understand all of the different parts of a computer and how they operate. Macs and PCs are very different from one another and this is another big part of hiring a qualified computer technician to come in and fix your computer issues. To become a computer technician you need to attend college and acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, telecommunications, computer science, or electrical engineering. Some computer technicians like to work out of an office with a professional company while others like to seek out computer repair jobs that allow them to stay at home.


At-home computer repair jobs can often be found through the online PC repair companies and they can easily provide you with job flexibility but also with a great income that will be able to provide for all of your needs. Starting an at-home computer repair company is not going to be cheap by any means as you will need to have multiple computers, software, LAN wire connectors, testers, and other equipment that allows you to provide timely access and information to your customers.


A number of computer repair jobs can actually be learned on-site by other computer technicians. Typically this starts as you have computers as a hobby and you know a few things about them and can fix small problems for your friends and families. Some companies can see the potential for growth and learning with enthusiastic individuals that display a love for computers and can train them to become great computer repair specialists.


One other area to consider with computer repair jobs is research and development. This field allows you to focus more on the installation of hardware, a service that you can charge more money for. In order to become a computer hardware engineer, it is important to seek out your degree in electrical engineering and to then seek out a Masters degree to acquire a specialized skill so you can charge more.

Computer Repair Jobs
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