X10 Protector Plus Dial-Up Home Security System
A Security System that Calls You!
Protector Plus Dial-Up Home Security System - Save 50%
X10's Most Popular Wireless Home Security System - For Under $100!

Works great indoors & outdoors!

When triggered, the Protector Plus Voice Dialer Wireless Home Security System sounds a screaming siren, flashes lights and automatically phones 4 pre-set numbers to provide your home & family with maximum protection. and give yourself and your family peace of mind when you're home or away with NO MONTHLY FEES!

  • No Monthly Fees!
  • Works 3 Ways: Screaming siren, flashing lights & emergency dialer!
  • 16-zone security with Motion, Door & Window sensors.
  • No False Alarms
  • Easy Install

Everything You Need is Included List Price
Security System Console $49.99
Security Remote Control $26.99
Wireless Motion Detector $49.99
Lamp Module $12.99
Keychain Security Remote $19.99
2 Door/Window Sensors $39.98
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Sold Separately: $199.93
NOW ONLY: $99.99
You Save: $99.94 (50%)

Dial up to 4 Phone Numbers with your X10 Home Security System!

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Affordable Home Surveillance!

Unbeatable 3-Way Protection
When the Protector Plus Voice Dialer Wireless Home Security System is triggered by a door or window sensor, motion detector, or panic button, it sounds a powerful 85dB siren, flashes lights, and calls 4 phone numbers - be it your own cell or work phone, your family, neighbors or friends. It then plays a "security alert message" (that you've recorded). If the first number doesn't answer, it phones the next, and so on - and it's not fooled by answering machines. Once someone is reached, they can listen in to your house directly through the Protector Plus Voice Dialer.

No Monthly Monitoring Fees!
With the Protector Plus Voice Dialer, you will never pay any hefty monthly monitoring fees - and you still receive great protection and security.

Rapid Emergency Response
Instead of a costly monitoring company calling the police, the person receiving the call is notified immediately and can call the police. Practical and highly effective security - what a novel concept.

Avoid Costly False Alarms
When the voice dialer calls, the person receiving the call can listen directly through the Protector Plus Voice Dialer to discover if it's a false alarm instantly. That means no unneeded police and no additional false alarm costs.

Wireless State-of-the-Art 16-Zone Security

It's wireless and it's cool! It's also extremely easy to install - no new wiring of your home and no security technician is needed. IT allows for complete security with 16-zone coverage of your house - through the wireless motion, door & window sensors. The screaming siren, flashing lights and voice-dialer adds that extra protection that you'll want for your home and family.

Protection While Home and Away
It allows for the normal armed-protection for when you're away, but also for when you're in your house. In the home mode, the motion detectors are turned off while the door and window sensors remain active. Thus, you can walk around your house and still be protected at all times.

Other Product Features

  • Sounds siren, flashes lights & calls 4 telephone numbers you select (no monthly monitoring fees).
  • Monitor up to 16 different zones (LED's shows status)
  • Installs within minutes: sensors use RF (radio frequency) signals, not wires.
  • AC-Powered with emergency backup battery in case of power outage.
  • Supervised sensors report low battery/tampering.
  • Add up to 8 keychain/handheld remotes for control over security system (key fobs include panic button).
  • Add up to 16 different window, door and motion sensors.
  • Home Automation enabled: Control up to 256 different lights & Appliances.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $99.99!

Included with the Protector Plus Voice Dialer System:

Motion Sensor - Normally $49.99! Included In Protector Plus Kit!
Designed to work with X10's Wireless Home Security Systems, this battery-operated motion detector vigilantly stands guard looking for activity. When it's heat-sensitive infrared sensor detects motion, this unit wirelessly activates the security system's siren and starts flashing lights.

Door/Window Sensor - Normally $39.98! Included In Protector Plus Kit!
This magnetic contact closure works with any X10 Wireless Home Security System. When a door or window is opened, interrupting of the magnetic-contact closure, the Door/Window Sensor will signal the Protector Plus Voice Dialer System wirelessly, alerting your system of the intrusion. Each sensor is self-checking to ensure professional reliability.

Powerhouse Security Remote - Normally $26.99! Included In Protector Plus Kit!
Used to arm or disarm the system, this talented remote also controls lights and appliances with option X10 modules.

  • Arm your X10 Wireless Home Security System in "home" or "away" mode.
  • Panic button for instant alarm! On/off & dimmer light controls!
  • 100 foot radio frequency range

KeyChain Security Remote - Normally $19.99! Included In Protector Plus Kit!
Arm and disarm your X10 Wireless Home Security System with the press of a single button! Includes ON/OFF and panic buttons for immediate life-saving results. Also has lighting & home automation controls. Offers a 40-foot radio frequency range.

Lamp Module - Normally $12.99! Included In Protector Plus Kit!
When the alarm is activated, lamps or lights plugged into the Lamp Module flash! Just plug the lamp into the lamp module and plug the lamp module into any normal wall socket - it's that easy! This device is ideal for controlling nearly any lamp in your entire home! Halogen and Fluorescent bulbs should not be used with this unit.

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $99.99!

Stories of Protector Plus in Action
Catching Thieves
Despite the great alarm systems now used in most residences, even if anything does happen, homeowners won't know about it until they arrive back from their vacation. But not so in Keith Personett's case. He not only knew that something was going down at his house, he was able to do something about it, even though he was out of town on vacation. "Amber and I were standing in a casino in Vegas when my cellular phone went off." That phone call was from Keith's "Protector Plus" Wireless Home Security System calling him to let him know that there was something wrong at the house. Keith called for help, and was told soon after "they had the criminal in custody."

Protecting Your Home
James McCullum's house was burglarized during broad daylight, which prompted him to purchase the Protector Plus Voice Dialer. Oddly enough, the criminal returned to the scene of the crime. Only this time it wouldn't be as easy as the criminal thought it might be. The criminal entered the house through a window in a room that had the motion detector set up. As soon as the motion detector detected the motion, the security alarm activated and called both of James parents who live in the neighborhood. Then it called James at the company where James works. The police arrived quickly, and the suspect was apprehended. "Needless to say, I am very happy with the purchase of the X10 Protector Plus Security System," James says.

Protecting Loved Ones
"I have a young child, and I wanted to be perfectly certain of my child's safety at all times. With X10's Protector Plus Wireless Home Security System, I now get called immediately on my cell phone anytime anyone steps into my child's room, even if it's only me. Instant notification wherever I am! I feel protected!" - Dede Martin

Buy Now! Sale Ends Soon! Only $99.99!

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