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Free Web Browsers to Replace Internet Explorer
With all the talk about Internet Explorer security issues, many people are turning to free browser replacements that work and look great. I personally use Maxthon and Firefox almost exclusivly. These browsers offer great features and add-ons and are often faster then IE.
Firefox  This award winning web browser is faster and more secure then IE. With a huge array of add-ons, this is a great choice for anyone that wants a browser that is not boreing.
Maxthon Cloud  This is one browser you need to sample! This browser works independantly of IE and boasts excellent speed and options. This browser is probably the fastest of all the browsers I have tested. Like Firefox, there are plenty of free add ons that you can get to customize your experience.
Opera 9.26  Although liked by many, this is one that I have not personally tested. It is rated to be stable and secure so it is definitly worth a try!
Avant Browser  This is one of the newest of the IE replacement browsers. The browser is rated to be fast and secure. With the online profile storage, you can sync all your computers so the browser is the same on all computers. You can do this all for free. Also features multi window browsing and REAL full screen mode!