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How To Repair Common Windows PC Errors

How To Repair Common Windows PC Errors

A common question among many Windows PC users is – “How do I repair Windows PC errors?

Some application errors, such as error 80048820 can occur due to a variety of reasons, ranging from unregistered DLLs, malware infection, problems with your firewall program, or incorrect configuration of your system clock.

It is safe to conclude that to repair a Windows error, you need to be first aware of its cause. Once you know the cause, repairing the problem is much easier.

Use the following systematic approach to identify the cause of application errors and then troubleshoot the issues:

Run a malware scan

Malware are responsible for almost all types of performance bottlenecks and troubles, and they can hog computer resources, cause frequent errors and system crashes, and steal confidential information.

If you notice that suddenly your computer has started performing sluggishly or you are receiving frequent random errors, chances are that your PC is infected. Run a malware scan on your computer using an advanced and reliable antivirus software and delete the malware to resolve the errors.

Do not let down your guard once you have removed the malware. Take steps, such as keeping your protective suite up-to-date and scheduling regular antimalware scans, to prevent any future malware infections.

Uninstall and reinstall the software

Are you noticing that the error that is troubling you is occurring only when you try to run a particular program and not with other applications? If the answer is ‘yes’, chances are the file listed in the error message, or one or more application files are missing, damaged, or corrupt.

Solution – uninstall and reinstall the software. One piece of advice, though: when you uninstall a program, make sure that you completely remove the program from your computer. In other words, remove all traces of the program, such as files, processes, and registry entries from your computer. To achieve this, you should either use the built-in Add or Remove Programs utility or a reliable third-party uninstaller tool.

Remove incompatible software

Make efforts to determine whether or not the software you are installing is compatible with the operating system or other installed software.

To resolve errors such as the stop: c000021a error that may occur due to incompatible software, uninstall the troublemaking application.

Update your device drivers

Outdated drivers, such as video or audio card drivers, may also cause recurring errors because they may be incompatible with newer versions of software. To resolve the problem, update your device drivers. You can do this manually by visiting the manufacturer’s website to download new updates, or you can use a top-rated driver scanner tool to automate the driver updation process.

Clean your registry

Although not many users directly access the registry or make any changes to it, the fact remains that the registry is one of the most critical components of Windows computer. A damaged or corrupt registry causes innumerable errors, such as the msvcr71.dll Windows 7 error.

If you suspect the errors on your computer are due to registry related issues, run a registry scan using advanced registry cleaning software to clean the registry and resolve your PC problems.  

Repairing Windows Errors
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