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Computer Power Efficiency

There has long been a big controversy on if you should leave your computer on or off when you are not using it. This question has been raised for both power conservation reasons and also in regards to the life of the equipment. There are pros and cons for both scenarios, but here are the facts.

As far as energy goes, it only costs about 28.00 a year to run a desktop computer, about 5 bucks for a monitor and  only a few bucks for an average residential printer. If you decided to turn these devices off at night, you would only save about 12 bucks a year or about a dollar a month. Using sleep mode has almost no effect on energy savings and it can slow down your computer.

There’s A New Ransomware In Town…What You Need To Know

There is one type of Ransomware that is never going to go away and it has been talked about for the last several years. The difference is that it just keeps getting more and more sophisticated. As Ransomware develops it becomes more effective at its job and harder to remove if you get it. The latest strain is called Locky.

As with most Ransomware, this strain is usually found as an e-mail attachment. If you never open attachments, chances are you will never get infected. If you are the curious type that likes to see what is being sent then you are much more likely to get this horrible infection. Untitled20160415115131

What Are the Newest Computer Viruses That Can Threaten My Computer?

There‘s no denying that computer viruses are nasty, and when one slips through a computer’s defenses, it can spell big trouble. It seems the further technology advances, the greater the fear of computer viruses becomes.


A point of curiosity for some users might be why viruses are made, how they work, or what they are capable of doing to infected computers. There are three main types of malicious code that computers are exposed to that commonly fall under the generalization of “viruses.”



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