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Should I Buy That Computer Repair Plan?

The tide is changing for the way many of us get our computers fixed and repaired. Just a short couple of years ago, online repair was not the first choice for most folks. Many felt more comfortable taking their machine to a shop rather then having it fixed online. The truth is that online is actually more secure then a shop, simply because you stay with your machine the whole time the repair is being done. In addition, you do not have to take your computer apart or even leave the house. The convenience is probably the driving force to its popularity. In fact, it has gotten so popular that hundreds of companies have sprouted out of the woodwork over the last couple of years. A good part of these companies are not located in the United States. Since labor is cheaper when subbed out to other countries, many companies have done this as a means of saving money. Most of these companies offer plans that include support for a monthly charge.

Computer Power Protection

Hi everybody, today we are going to talk about computer power protection. We all know how much a power blip can inconvenience us when you are in the middle of an important project on your computer. Power surges or brown outs can cause your computer to rapidly shut off or freeze. If you were in the middle of a project, you might loose some the work you were working on or you may encounter something much worse. Under some circumstances, an abrupt shutdown from a brief power failure can cause catastrophic damage to the machine. The damage can come in many forms. Sometimes when a hard drive is shut down improperly, physical damage can sometimes be done to the drive itself. In other instances, the operating system files may become corrupt and a repair install of windows will be in order. In other cases, damage to other components including the motherboard can occur.

The Evolution of Operating Systems

Hi everybody, today we are going to talk about the evolution of operating systems! With all the technology we have today computer repair has come a long way since the early days of Windows. Just think, it seems like just yesterday that we were using Windows 95, and that it was the greatest thing since the invention of coffee. At that time dialup was the primary internet connection and remote support was very cumbersome if not almost impossible because of the slow internet connections. The primary way to repair your system was to take your computer to a local repair shop. At the time, there were very few options. Remember trying to connect a USB device? It was haphazard at best to get it to work.

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