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Needing computer repair services can mean a couple different things.  You are in the need of repair services for your computer or you own a business or work for the computer repair services.  Repair services for the computer are critical for today’s society.  Without computers we would not be able to live our everyday lives.  We use computers at work, at school and in the home.  Keeping your computer maintained and functioning is very important. 


If you work in the computer repair services you are a popular person.  If you own a repair service business, your business is more than likely booming.  More than 80% of the population will bring their computer to you to fix.  There are a lot of people in today’s society that do not know how to fix computers.  Owning a repair services business will keep you very busy and your business will grow almost daily.  Be prepared for the amount of work you will have for your business by having the proper forms and procedures in place.


As your company grows, be sure you have a repair form that your clients can fill out.  A repair form is a way for your clients to let you know what is going on with their computer.  Be sure to include questions such as:

·         Describe the computer problem in detail

·         What have you done to try to repair the problem

·         How quickly do you need your computer repair service completed


Add and ask as many questions you need to.  This will help you solve the problem and have your client’s computer back to them quickly.  When you work quickly, your clients will come back to you for future service and will also recommend your service to their family and friends.


If you are a client in need of computer repair services, try a few simple tricks before you take your computer in to be serviced.  Start with checking the connections that are attached to your computer.  There are many cables and cords that are associated with your computer.  Make sure they are all plugged in and attached to be functioning.  If you have any wireless options, such as a wireless keyboard or wireless mouse, double check the batteries and install new ones.  If your problem still persists, you may want to look for a virus on your computer.


To check for a virus, look for these different systems:

·         Your computer will randomly freeze

·         You are not able to access your files and documents

·         You receive pop ups from the internet


There may be other signs that you do not see.  If your computer is acting different in any way, you may have a virus.  You can either download and antivirus software to remove the virus or you can have a computer repair service remove it for you.  With either option you use, be sure you find the virus quickly and have it taken off.  This will save the documents and files you have installed on your computer.



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