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Computer Remote Support
     Let me ask you this....Have you ever been right in the middle of a project on your computer and your system just seems to be a lot slower then it was just a few short weeks ago? Have you noticed a lot of pop ups or tool bars that you never installed? If your system is not putting out it's full potential you have two choices. You can pay the high price of taking your computer to a physical shop and wait for as long as a week to get it back or you can call Advantage Computers at 877-499-5548 Toll Free and we can use the power of our new technology called Remote Support to repair many common problems. . We use a powerful system that connects directly to your computer at home from our office and repair your computer in the luxury of your own home. Our system is 100% secure. So fire up your coffee pot, sit back and relax and let us do the work at a fraction of the cost of a physical shop. A broadband or cable connection is recommended for best results.
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