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       Hi everybody. Almost every person and company in the United States and abroad has some dealing with Facebook. Many of us use it as a means to stay in touch with the people we know and many use it for their famous and pleasantly addicting games. Still others use Facebook as a means to help launch our business or website.
       For the average user, Facebook is a fairly secure medium for staying in touch with the people you know and care about. Often times, people will use weak passwords on Facebook and also on other secure sites so that it is easy to remember what to put in when the password prompt comes up. You should never use passwords that represent birthdays, pet names or other familiar things in life. Passwords should be a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols. You should also mix capital letters with small letters when constructing your password. Once you have made your password, be sure to note it and keep it in a safe and secure location. Do not keep password lists on your computer and do not rely on the automatic password programs in Windows to remember them.
      Even with all this care, Facebook accounts can still sometimes be accessed. by the wrong hands. If this happens, posts including links to outside websites that often contain a virus infection or
Malware are possible. Often times these infected links will install a program on your computer that will look and act like a real program at first, but soon the damage that these fake programs do will become painfully apparent. Once infected, some of these virus programs can be very difficult to remove.
      If you find yourself with an infection from Facebook, sometimes removal can be as easy as running your own virus scanner that is already installed on your system. Be sure to do a complete scan and if the virus program asks you to restart after removal, be sure you do so. Once the computer restarts, check to be sure your system is running normally with no unfamiliar security programs running. If you still are having problems, you will most likely require the services of a
virus removal technician.
Facebook Security
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