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How To Set Your Virtual Memory....
Virtual memory is the area that is set aside on your hardrive where frequently used programs and files are stored for faster access. There is much controversy about what the best settings are and if there should be a seperate partition. Personally, I have found that a Virtual Memory with both the max and minumum values set to the same value with the paging file on another partition to be the way to go. Yoou can create a partition with a tool such as Partition Magic. Be sure to put at least 10mb of paging file on your "C" Drive to allow seamless integration of your paging file on the other partition. You can also simply keep the entire paging file on your "C" drive if you so desire. Simply set the Min and Max values to the same paremeters. If you do not feel comfortable setting your own paging file, we can do it for you wirh our Remote Support System.
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