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Removing Smart Security 2012
Step-By-Step Tutorials to Remove Smart Security 2012
Smart Security 2012 is a mimic of an
anti-virus scanning tool, made to appear as a real Windows program. It does not need your permission to run and can easily download itself inside your computer without your awareness. Its attempt is to essentially steal your money, and if unable to, it will try to damage the system. Hence you should make every effort to remove Smart Protection 2012 from your computer.
Step-By-Step Tutorials to Remove Smart Security 2012 from Your Computer
         Go to start menu
         Open the control panel
         Go to the Internet Options and click on the tab of "Connections"
         Click on "LAN Settings" and click in the box of "Use a Proxy Server" option to uncheck it
         Now click "Ok". This will save all these changes
These steps will help you to prevent further infections that can be caused by redirectInternet browsing. Now, you need to perform steps for disabling the process from running in your computer. For this, you need to:
     Open the task manager by pressing "Ctrl+Alt-Delete".v     When the task manager opens up, click on "Processes" tab
    Find "ggffftt.exe" and click on process (Process may mask itself as random numbers and letters)
     Finally, click on "End Process" to disable the spyware from running
The above procedure will help you to remove all files that accompany the rogue program named Smart Security 2012 to help keep it from harming your computer.
How Can You Be Deceived By this fake anti virus?
This malware configures itself to start automatically as soon as it is installed in your computer. Once the virus runs, it will start its process of scanning and show you a list of several virus entries in your machine. But you should not fall for this trap as all these scans and warnings are not real threats, but made by the program to deceive you. The major aim of these threat issues is to make you purchase its full version. How? In your attempt to remove the viruses by running Smart Security,(Or any other fake virus, for that matter)you will be asked to pay and buy its full version, but you should never do that. You should understand that this program is not a real antivirus but it is just a fake program created to trick you, and to steal your credit card information.
How can Your Computer Get Infected With this rouge program?
If your computer is not protected by an active antivirus client, that is able to block viruses from being installed on the system, the spyware can get easy access to your computer. Using an outgated virus scanner can be one of the causes for getting a malware infection. Be sure your virus program is up to date and working properly!
You can fix your computer without getting any professional help if you are a bit computer savvy and a DIY guy. You can also help your computer by using
virus removal tools to remove the spyware and save your computer from being completely disabled. In many cases, you will need professional help.